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Q: Importing Columns

A: Step two of the Import process is a bit tricky. Since you are bringing in contact information from a foreign source, you will need to match up the columns from your import file to the proper field names in your Spiderlink CRM contact manager. First notice that the record count of your import file is automatically displayed at the top of the screen. The group name you selected in the previous screen is also displayed for you above. If your Excel or CSV file contains column names, you will see them listed in bold face at the top of each column. If your import file does not contain column names, generic names are assigned to each column like 'Column001', 'Column0002', etc. If you are importing a large number of contacts, notice that only a sample of 10 records are displayed for you as a preview. This will allow you to identify each column and enable you to assign it to the corresponding field name in your Spiderlink CRM contact manager. So for example, if you can see that the first column of your import file contains a first name, then select 'First Name' from the list box at the bottom of that same column. Don't worry about the order of your import file columns. Just make sure to select the field name from the list box at the bottom of each column that matches the correct column data. If there are additional fields in your import file that don't match any fields in your contact manager, you can still import them by selecting a 'Custom Field'. You will see that there are 5 Custom Fields available to allow you to bring in that extra contact information. After you click on the 'Import Now' button, all the contacts in your import file will be imported directly into your Spiderlink CRM contact manager and assigned to the group you selected. A log is kept of each of your imports and can be found by clicking on the 'Import/Export' menu option and then 'Import Log'. If at any time after the import you change your mind and wish to delete all the contacts or start over, you can do so by going to the 'Import Log' and deleting the last import. Be careful because this action is permanent! Make sure the import process you select for deletion is in fact the one you wish to delete. A date and time as well as record count appears next to each import.






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What is SpiderlinkCRM?
SpiderlinkCRM is a web based contact manager, calendar and organizer. When you open an account you can manage your business or personal contacts, schedule single or recurring appointments with reminders, create tasks, generate email campaigns to your groups of contacts, letters, lables, envelpes and more!
Can I import contacts from another source?
Yes! You can import your contacts from multiple database sources including Excel and Outlook.
What does it cost?
This service is completely FREE! No credit card needed!
Can I export my contacts?
Yes! We want to make sure you feel comfortable with our services by not locking you in. You can export your contacts any time to multiple sources including Excel.
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